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Patterson Products - Trio Golf Buggys
From our factory warehouse in Chertsey, we have been manufacturing the Trio Original for more than twenty years. We have increased our range to include the Eventer 4, Highlander 3 and 4 wheel buggys (for more robust ground), and the Trio Professional, a buggy made more specifically for commercial rentals.
We have a reputation for providing our customers with a reliable and efficient service, backed up with a product range that is tried and tested.
Personal Attention:
When considering a Patterson buggy we insist on speaking to you directly. We don't just ship a buggy out... each one is produced to order from our Chertsey factory and it is important to make the right choice.
You may require a buggy for stowage in a particular car or vehicle, we can advise...
Give us some details about the type of terrain you will be using the buggy, whether you intend transporting it each time you play or storing it at your club.
Your age, weight and mobility are all factors too.
And then come the accessories...what do you need...or think you need... either way we can save you money and regret by ensuring you purchase the most suitable buggy for you. All our buggies are similarly priced so our motive really is to guarantee you make the right choice. 
(All prices do not include carriage on delivery)
We look forward to hearing from you...
Tel: 090 64 33616
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