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Callaway Golf Mulligan S Shoes Black 2019


The Mulligan S Shoes Feature:

  • Leather Upper Material
  • Opti-Soft EVA Midsole & Opti-Vent Mesh Liner
  • Force Flex Control Channels & Big Bertha Power Cleats
  • 1-Year Waterproof Warranty

Naturally Waterproof

The upper has been constructed with a natural leather upper, with an Opti-Vent mesh lining inside for enhanced breathability and heat management. The all new leather Chev Mulligan is lightweight and is waterproof to keep your feet dry and comfortable during your round of golf.

Comfort & Cushioning

An Opti-Soft EVA foam midsole offers cushioning, stability, and a more natural ground feel, with a Callaway footbed which offers comfort straight out of the box.


The shoes have removable Big Bertha cleats (PINS) which maximise traction, each cleat is biomechanically tuned their position to provide a more energy efficient power transfer during the golf swing. Plus feature Force Flex Control channels and Xfer Dual power walls to give even more performance from the ground up.