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adidas EQT Golf Shoes Black/Dk.Silver/Grey 6

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adidas EQT Golf Shoes

Black/Dk.Silver/Grey 6

  • Water Protection: Waterproof upper material
  • BOOST midsole: Boost™ offers endless energy in the mountains and high adaptability on rocky surfaces.
  • TPU outsole: TPU-injected outsole layers to stabilise movement
  • ThinTech Golf Cleat: Green friendly
  • DURABLE TEXTILE UPPER: Experience direct ball touch and feel from a durable textile upper
  • Water Protection: Keeps your feet dry in wet conditions
  • ThinTech Golf Cleat: For ultimate traction and grip on multiple surfaces
  • TPU outsole: Highly resistant, supports multidirectional movements and offers ideal grip.
  • External heel counter: Provides ultimate protection and stability.
  • BOOST midsole: Boost™ offers long lasting cushioning, energy return and high adaptability on rocky surfaces.
  • External heel counter: Providing rearfoot stabilization for a smooth motion guidance
  • BOOST midsole: Ultimate energy-return ensured by the BOOST midsole, providing you with endless power during your high-intensity interval trainings
  • ThinTech Golf Cleat: Low profile
  • TPU outsole: High-performance TPU-injected layers in the outsole designed to stabilise movement
  • BOOST midsole: Combines superb cushioning and energy return.
  • DURABLE TEXTILE UPPER: Textile upper with seamless overlays
  • FW6257