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Footjoy L Stratos Ladies Golf Shoes - white

$150.00 $211.00

Footjoy L Stratos Ladies Golf Shoes - white

  The new Footjoy Stratos features STRATOFOAM, a proprietary cushioning system engineered from a unique compound blend that allows each shoe to absorb shock and return energy.

The main benefit of energy return is that, each shoe works for you, which can help reduce foot fatigue after a round of golf. Unlike other competitive shoes that use cushioning systems for running, resulting in high impact construction, FJ Stratos golf shoes are specifically tuned for golf/walking.

With an advanced VersaTrax+ Outsole, the revolutionary anti-channeling tread pattern engineered to provide total traction coverage and reduced slippage from every angle. With multiple durometers of TPU to grip any surface –harder TPU elements for grip on course, softer for traction on harder surfaces.