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Electro Kart Voyager 30 AH Lithium Buggey

  • €4,995.00

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Carriage Charges Not Included in Price


Rugged Build Quality

Constructed from high quality steel tubing, phosphate and epoxy coated to give longer life and all weather protection.

Microprocessor Technology

A fail safe, state of the art 'brain' controls all the power operations of the Voyager and combines safety with ease of operation.


Steel backed, foam filled and weatherproof, the Voyager bucket style seat is ergonomically designed for a comfortable ride. And, for the taller user, we offer an extended front end to give more leg room.

Bag on Board

The vertically mounted bag carrier has been   designed to give easy access to you clubs and is secured by two quick release straps. We recommend the ElectroKart Golf Bag.

Adjustable Steering Column

The steering column adjusts to give a comfortable driving position and easy, step-on access; whilst the heavy duty ABS foot-plate has a non-slip, spike-proof rubber mat.