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Groovtec Multi-Pin Cleaner + Belt Clip -YELLOW


Groovtec Multi-Pin Cleaner + Belt Clip


The GrooVtec Multi-Pin cleaner takes the repetition out of cleaning your golf club grooves by allowing you to clean up to 8 grooves simultaneously, effortlessly removing dirt and debris to maintain the optimal performance of your clubs. The handy device features 8 pins made from a durable plastic that are tough enough to withstand wear, yet, unlike metal equivalents, are soft enough to ensure that they do not scratch your clubs or damage your grooves,. The GrooVtec also includes a ball marker that is held in place by a pop-in, pop-out design that holds it securely while allowing you to easily detach it when needed. The device now features a retractable elasticated reel belt clip ensuring it is always at hand.