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Ping i210 7 Steel Irons Mens Right Hand 4-PW


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  • Buttery Feel

    The activated elastomer insert is much bigger in volume and 50% softer, creating 25% more face contact, ensuring a pure feel at impact while also returning more energy to the ball.
  • cross-section illustration of i210 iron

    More Face Contact

    The additional volume of the custom tuning port, which also increases perimeter weighting and provides swingweight finetuning, allows for a 30% larger insert and creates 25% more face contact, resulting in activation of the elastomer to ensure a soft, pleasing feel.
  • address view of i210 iron

    Premium Look and Quality

    A refined, more compact shape and look combined with minimal, progressive offset help convey the high-end appeal of the set.
  • toe view of i210 iron

    Smooth Through Turf

    The lead edge and sole profile were enhanced to improve turf interaction for distance precision with workability. A HydroPearl Chrome 2.0 finish ensures repels water to greatly improve consistency from the rough and wet conditions. 
    3-Iron 39”inches 19.0° 19.0° 60.0° 0.21”inches 5.0° D2
    4-Iron 38 1/2”inches 22.5° 22.0° 60.5° 0.18”inches 6.0° D2
    5-Iron 38”inches 26.0° 25.0° 61.0° 0.15”inches 7.0° D2
    6-Iron 37 1/2”inches 29.5° 28.0° 61.5° 0.12”inches 8.0° D2
    7-Iron 37”inches 33.0° 31.5° 62.0° 0.09”inches 9.0° D2
    8-Iron 36 1/2”inches 37.0° 35.5° 62.8° 0.07”inches 10.5° D2
    9-Iron 36”inches 41.0° 40.0° 63.5° 0.05”inches 12.0° D2.5
    PW 35 1/2”inches 45.0° 44.5° 64.1° 0.03”inches 13.0° D3
    UW 35 1/2”inches 50.0° 49.5° 64.1° 0.02”inches 13.0° D3