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Ping iBlade 7 Steel Irons 4-PW Mens Right Hand

Ping iBlade 7 Steel Irons 4-PW Mens Right Hand

  • 1,105.00

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  • iBlade Iron Cross Section View

    High-Speed Face

    The thin face yields greater ball speeds with higher trajectories and tighter precision. A hydropearl chrome finish repels water for more control and helps minimize fliers from wet conditions and lies in the rough.
  • iBlade Iron Cutaway Tech Illustration

    Activated Elastomer

    Unprecedented feel is achieved through a soft 431 stainless steel and a larger surface area behind the face that houses an elastomer insert. The insert activates at impact to damp vibration for a softer feel and pleasing sound.
  • iBlade Tungsten Toe Weight Illustration

    Tungsten Weighting

    Nearly "pure" tungsten toe weights (netting a 70% increase in mass relative to the S55 iron) are pressed into the toe of every head to increase MOI, a key factor in the precision of the iBlade iron.
  • illustration of iBlade sole highlighting the heel area

    Workable Sole

    Refined bounce angles and ample heel relief produce a workable sole design for confident shot making from all conditions. Further precision comes from the milled tour-spec grooves and precision-machined fly-cut face.
    3-Iron 39”inches 20.0° 19.0° 59.0° 0.17”inches 4.0° D2
    4-Iron 38 1/2”inches 23.5° 22.0° 59.8° 0.15”inches 5.0° D2
    5-Iron 38”inches 27.0° 25.0° 60.5° 0.12”inches 6.0° D2
    6-Iron 37 1/2”inches 30.5° 28.5° 61.3° 0.10”inches 7.0° D2
    7-Iron 37”inches 34.0° 32.0° 62.0° 0.09”inches 8.0° D2
    8-Iron 36 1/2”inches 38.0° 36.0° 62.8° 0.07”inches 9.0° D2
    9-Iron 36”inches 42.0° 40.5° 63.5° 0.05”inches 10.5° D2.5
    PW 35 1/2”inches 46.0° 45.0° 64.1° 0.03”inches 12.0° D3