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Powakaddy 24Ah Lead Battery

€119.00 €129.00

Special Offer while stocks last!!

Please note that due to our on-line policy with Powakaddy and Hill Billy products, we cannot ship outside Ireland. For International Customers please refer to the relevant country distributor on the Powakaddy web site | . Thank you.

Powakaddy compatible Battery

The battery is the power source for the Powakaddy golf trollies. PowaKaddy use the best battery technology available. These lead-acid cyclic batteries use the latest technology to immobilise the electrolyte in the battery. This makes them very safe to use and maintenance free for their whole serviceable life.

Battery does not come with bag or charger at this price!

Strap only

Dimensions: L(175mm) W(166mm) H(125mm) .

T-BAR Connection Battery

(Online offer only)