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Powakaddy Clutches

Powakaddy Clutches

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Powakaddy Clutch

Replacement clutches for Powakddy Electric golf trolleys.

If your Powakaddy Electric Golf trolley is pulling hard to one side, then the chances are you need one or both clutches replaced.

Faulty clutches not only cause the trolley to veer off line, but they can also cause the trolley to drain excessive power from your battery.

To test if your clutches are working correctly:

  1. Prop the trolley up so the wheels are off the ground.
  2. Standing behind the trolley, push each wheel forward - both wheels should spin freely. If any of the wheels doesn't spin freely then this means that the clutch in that side is probably faulty.
  3. Standing behind the trolley (still propped up), pull each wheel towards you - each wheel should turn slowly but not freely, ie there should be a fair amount of resistance. If any of the wheels spin freely backwards then this means that the clutch in that side is faulty.