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Trio Original

Trio Original

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The famous Trio Original fits into most car boots, simple to operate. Variable speed control. Price includes batteries and charger


Trio Original Golf Buggy
The TRIO Golf buggy helps you enjoy a full 18 holes of golf a day. Sit back and relax in the sprung seat, as you drive between holes, conserving your energy for when you really need it - playing your shot. 
Forward and reverse gears give manoeuvrability. TRIO is stable, virtually maintenance free, and assembled in under two minutes. So, if you need that extra help, and are interested in extending the enjoyment of your golfing life, phone us today!

Get around for years to come! Major suppliers to the handigolf foundation A chariable trust for the handicapped golfer.
Bringing style to the golf course!


Trio Original Golf Buggy Fits into most car boots, dry batteries ensure no spillage 
simple to operate and drive with dual automatic braking system 
Delivered ready to go 
Price includes batteries and battery charger which switches itself to a maintenance mode to prevent overcharging 
Powerful and stable ideal for the longest courses 
almost maintanence free 
Variable speed control 0-7mph with pavement speed limiter and freewheel mode 
Reverse gear and battery condition meter 
Fully guaranteed for one year inc. batteries 
High gloss fibreglass covers 
Available in Red, Blue, Green and White

Technical Specification 
Width: 71cm 28" 
Length: 137cm 54" 
Height: 94cm 37"
Turning circle: 244cm 96"
Heaviest Section: 24kgs 53lbs 
Size of Largest Section: 26"L x 18"H x 28"W 
Battery weight: 16kgs 35lbs 
Batteries: 2 x 50 amp / drycell (24 volt system) 
Speed controller: Fully proportional programmable 
Tyres: 12" x 5" wide tubeless turf tyres 
Suspension: Coil springs to seat