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Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track 22 Golf Balls White



Triple Track




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Over the past few seasons the Callaway Chrome soft golf ball has firmly established itself as one of the most popular premium balls on the market. There are now three different models to choose from with each one offering different characteristics that allow the golfer to find the perfect fit for their game. All three models have been significantly upgraded for the 2022 season, delivering class leading statistics in all the crucial areas. The standard Chrome soft ball is the softest of the three models and delivers high levels of greenside spin allowing for aggressive shots with the scoring clubs. The '22 version of the Callaway Chrome soft golf ball features a new Hyper Elastic Soft Fast core which produces increased driver speed over the '20 model. It also benefits from their New Tour Aero technology which produces a powerful ball flight and lower drag that will cut through any head wind whilst keeping the flight more stable in cross winds.

If you prefer to 'feel the ball' when playing short shorts around the green, then the Callaway 2022 Chrome soft could well be the ideal choice for you. Take advantage of this time limited fabulous 4 for 3 offer just in time for the new season to start.


  • Softest Feeling Chrome soft Ball
  • Most Forgiving Of All The Chrome soft Range
  • Low Long Game Spin
  • High Short Game Spin
  • Extremely Soft Feel Enhances Short Game Control
  • Increased Driver Speed Over the 2020 Model