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Champ (50Pk) My Hite Fly Tees Combo


Champ (50Pk) My Hite Fly Tees Combo

The Champ My Hite Fly Tee means you'll never have to struggle locating the correct height for you driver. The coloured lines on the tee shaft allows you to customise the height of your golf balls. Made from the latest biodegradable material, stronger than normal wooden/ plastic tees, means your tee will out last others. My Hite tees have been designed with a 6 pronged, shallow, cup which helps reduce friction, meaning greater distance. The reusable pack includes 50 tees in 2 heights.

  • Find your tee height with ease
  • Reduced friction
  • Reusable Pack
  • Stronger than wooden tees
  • Available as: 40 x 69mm + 10 x 44mm tees or 40 x 83mm + 10 x 44mm tees