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Junior Challenger Set 4+

  • Driver
  • 2 irons - #7 and #9
  • Putter
  • Stand bag and head cover
  • Fit for ages 4+
  • The Junior Challenger set from Longridge is specifically designed for junior golfers in mind. Bright colours combined with advanced technology make this set attractive and fun, as well as being easy to use. Junior challenger 4 piece set for years 4+. Includes a driver, 7+9 irons, putter, stand bag and headcover. The clubs are all fitted with graphite shafts that are both bright and appealing. A fun set for children aged 4 +. A light weight club head and shaft aid the typical swing speed of a junior golfer. The bag is yellow as well to match the set and comes fitted with a dual padded strap as well as several storage pockets.

    Specification :
    Alloy driver with junior graphite shaft 34''
    SS iron 7#/30' 9#/29'' with junior graphite shaft
    Zinc putter with junior graphite shaft 28.5''
    Junior stand bag 27.5'