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Mizuno ST-X 220 Fairway Gents RH

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Mizuno ST-X 220 Fairway Gents RH

Draw Bias – High Launch

A confidence-inspiring sequence of fairway woods featuring Mizuno’s X-Axis design, the ST-X fairway woods have been engineered to produce a higher, draw biased flight.

With deep internal weighting, the ST-X fairway woods are suitable for those with moderate swing speeds who need elevated launch to achieve their optimal distance and controlled landing angles. 

The generously sized 3 wood boasts a full Ti construction with high ball speed SAT2041 Beta face – as featured in Mizuno’s drivers. Combined with a Ti811 body, it produces the highest ever ball speeds from a Mizuno fairway wood.

With Maraging MAS1C steel face, the 5 and 7 wood are significantly more compact than the 3 wood, for use from the fairways.

Mizuno's Harmonic Impact Research has built sound into the design, delivering vibration patterns elite players associate with a ‘solid’ feel. The Optimized Wave Sole is a fairway-specific design to help create higher ball speeds from low on the face – suited to strikes directly from the turf.

 “There are a lot of forgiving looking fairways woods that don’t launch high enough for the average amateur,” says Chris Voshall. “Size and footprint is only one part of the equation – most of us need a little more spin and elevation to carry the ball to our full capability. The ST-X is designed to solve that issue.”