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Titleist TruFeel 24 Golf Balls Dozen White

  • €29.95

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Titleist TruFeel 24 Golf Balls Dozen White

Every golfer knows the pure, effortless feeling of a well-struck golf shot. At impact, you immediately know you've hit the ball to the best of your ability. Ultimately, though, you want to be rewarded for your best swings, and it's how the golf ball performs after a good swing that builds trust between the player and the golf ball. You want your golf ball to feel soft, but you also want performance and consistency. Look no further than TruFeel to deliver that trust, because it's a Titleist.

Who's It For?

For the player who prioritizes soft feel and trusts the quality and consistency of the Titleist brand.


  • Soft feel and long distance from a large TruTouch core
  • Low, penetrating flight from a unique, aerodynamic dimple design
  • More greenside spin and control from a softer 3.0 TruFlex cover
  • Trusted Titleist quality and consistency
  • Available in White. Yellow and Matte Red.

Ultra-Soft Feel

The new, TruTouch core and the softer 3.0 TruFlex cover combine to create the softest Titleist golf ball in our lineup.

Low Ball Flight

Low, penetrating ball flight from a unique 376 tetrahedral dimple design.

Increased Greenside Spin

A softer 3.0 TruFlex cover delivers improved greenside spin for enhanced short game control.

Trusted Quality and Consistency

New TruFeel delivers everything you’ve come to expect from the #1 ball in golf: dependable performance, precision manufacturing, and unmatched quality.

Multiple Color Options

New TruFeel is available in White. Yellow and Matte Red coming soon.